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Why Consider K-Mark for Your Corporate Office Furniture Needs

Why Consider K-Mark for Your Corporate Office Furniture Needs
December 11, 2019 gnuworld
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K-Mark specialises in manufacturing office furniture for companies across South Africa.

A responsible supplier of corporate office furniture

We have level 2 B-BBEE certification and a S.M.M.E rating certificate with Empowerdex, which is one of South Africa’s largest economic empowerment rating agencies.

We are listed as a preferred supplier with several corporates. Among these are BP, De Beers Marine, Metropolitan Health Group, Mweb, Old Mutual, Woolworth, TFG, Discovery, Liberty and Momentum.

K-Mark is actively committed to sustainable manufacturing and has a clear Green Policy.

We also take exceptional pride in our staff, many of whom have become members over the years. Today, our company is 51% staff owned.

Office chairs made in South Africa  

Our core business is the manufacturing and supplying of high-quality office chairs.

For nearly two decades, we have specialised in making a range of comfortable office seating – from certified ergonomic office chairs to stackable plastic chairs, training chairs and more.

Our clients include individuals and companies of all sizes, among them a number of leading corporates.

All our chairs are backed by five-year warranties.

We customise our office chairs and other seating to suit company needs.

For example, choose fabric to match corporate branding and existing company décor. For many of our chair models, our clients can also choose from a range of armrests and bases.

We also offer expert office chair repairs – ideal for saving costs, especially in company environments.

Custom large volume office chair manufacturing  

Large volume office chair manufacturing and repair capabilities allow us to meet corporate requirements.

One advantage for companies is that K-Mark can keep exact chair specifications and reuse them later, if and when required.

For example, replace just damaged office chairs, ensuring that the new chairs are an exact match to existing ones.

Office furniture management services  

Along with manufacturing capabilities, K-Mark has a well-established track record in managing office relocations and installations for corporate clients.

We specialise in minimising business disruption. Internal and external office relocations are planned and co-ordinated by dedicated, onsite project managers, and executed after business hours.

Also, we sweat the small stuff – and that can make a real difference in managing churn and office relocations.

We don’t just move furniture. We also do whatever else is needed. For example, this might involve:

  • repairing faulty drawers, shelves and furniture
  • changing locks
  • setting up office screens
  • fitting shelves and rails
  • hanging whiteboards and artworks.

Our office furniture management services are available for once-off relocations and installations, or as continuous on-site solutions, as preferred by our growing portfolio of corporate clients in South Africa.

Contact us to discuss your needs or for more information about our corporate office furniture and furniture management services.