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Office Chair Repairs

Give new life to old furniture

Our repair services can significantly extend the life of your office chairs, making them look and feel like new.

Tightening up of assembly screws.

Realignment of the shell in relation to the base and arms.

Checking and servicing of twin wheel castors.

General servicing of chair height and tilt mechanisms.

Re-securing of upholstery, or re-upholstery if required.

A valet service, with deep cleaning of chair fabric.

As well as manufacturing high-quality office chairs of all types, we offer professional office chair repairs and re-upholstery.


  • Corrie CohenMMI Holdings
    “The KM Installation team is always amenable, happy to help with any task and they pitch up with a great attitude. They definitely go above-and-beyond assisting, even when it is not part of their spec. This has been my experience in all the years we have worked with you.”
  • Juanita ErasmusTraining and Logistics Manager, Discovery Health
    “They are a great team and have added a tremendous amount of value to Discovery Health. I am privileged to have them on site with us.
  • Allen BosmanSenior Manager of Facilities, Metropolitan Health Group
    “K-Mark has proven to be a professional, efficient and trustworthy service provider and business partner to our organisation. The degree of planning and advice that precedes large churn operations is exceptional and creates a huge sense of comfort, with the knowledge that the project is in safe hands.”