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Co-working Furniture: Booths, Office Chairs and Soft Seating

Co-working Furniture: Booths, Office Chairs and Soft Seating
September 16, 2019 gnuworld
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Co-working spaces call for specialised co-working furniture. This furniture plays a key role in the success of shared work spaces.

It does this by supporting a good balance between communal and more private work spaces, along with comfortable, informal areas for socialising and networking.

The co-working model is overtaking traditional office space

The popularity of co-working has continued to grow over the past decade.

Now even the largest of companies are either using co-working spaces for remote employees or remodelling their own offices, to mirror the successes of these spaces.

The importance of co-working furniture

Co-working furniture includes a broader range of furniture types than is typically associated with office spaces. That’s because it has to help in creating different kinds of work areas within a larger, open space.

A typical shared workspace is an open-plan layout with a variety of furniture “hubs”.

A basic space, for example, might consist of a grouping of comfortable couches in one area, large desks and seating in another, more private spaces for meetings and an informal lounge, for well-deserved leisure time or a quick get-together.

Our co-working booths

Co-working booths make it easy to create private spaces in open-plan areas. They’re ideal for spaces where people need to concentrate on their work.

When placed face-to-face, two booths make the perfect space for a small team meeting or private discussion or interview.

Upholstery and design can be customised to suit our customers’ needs and existing office décor.

Our office chairs

K-Mark specialises in manufacturing a wide range of high-quality office chairs. These are suitable for private and communal workstations, where people need to sit for potentially long periods and focus on their work.

Our chairs are designed to be comfortable, to provide proper support for the spine and to look good in office settings. We also customise chairs to suit our clients’ needs and preferences.

Our soft seating for co-working spaces

We offer soft seating that’s ideal for pause areas and informal seating areas in co-working spaces. Our range includes comfortable, stylish chairs, office couches, ottomans and more.

Co-working spaces aren’t just for start-ups and freelancers

Once seen as a trendy alternative to the traditional office, co-working spaces are becoming increasingly mainstream.

Reports published in 2019 predict that within the next three years, the number of shared workspaces will grow at an annual rate of 13% worldwide.

It’s predicted that 40% of flexible workspace demand is set to come from big corporations.

Encouraged by the proven benefits of co-working spaces, larger companies and corporations are also incorporating co-working features into their own office layouts.

From “pause” areas to sections with soft seating, co-working furniture arrangements can foster teamwork and creativity. They can also add to employee satisfaction and improve recruitment and retention rates.

At K-Mark, we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality office and co-working furniture, and can customise pieces to suit our customers. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.