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Our New Office Training Room Chairs with Writing Tablets

Our New Office Training Room Chairs with Writing Tablets
August 14, 2019 gnuworld
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Investing in properly designed and manufactured training chairs is key to securing an attentive and engaged audience – at conferences, in training sessions and during meetings.

At K-Mark, we’ve designed our office training room chairs to be comfortable, stylish and practical.

Why invest in specialised office training room chairs?

The stackable, plastic chairs often used in training scenarios become uncomfortable fast.

They dig into the upper thighs, interfering with circulation. They don’t provide support for the lower back. And they leave attendees having to balance papers or laptops on their laps.

An uncomfortable audience is more likely to fidget and get distracted, making sessions less productive for everyone.

In contrast, well-designed training room chairs (ideally with built-in writing tablets) have these advantages:

  • eliminate the need for desks or tables, making it possible to accommodate more people per session in a standard meeting or training room
  • enable effective note taking
  • promote improved focus, concentration and retention of information
  • provide optimal support for the spine, muscles and joints, thereby reducing muscle fatigue
  • show an element of caring to employees and job candidates
  • make a positive impression on visiting teams, delegates and clients.

K-Marks new office training room chairs

K-Mark’s office training room chairs are suitable for coaching, educational, training and meeting environments. They’re also ideal for companies that regularly make presentations to visiting groups.

Our training room chairs feature lightweight stainless-steel frames and flexible back rests, constructed from breathable perforated plastic. Seats are finished with rounded edges to minimise pressure on the upper legs.

Our training room chairs are available in two stackable designs – the standard Revolution chair, and the Revolution tablet chair.

The tablet chair shares the same functional design as the standard office training chair. A plastic fold-away writing tablet, ideal for supporting a notepad or laptop, is integrated into the frame.

Armrests and padded upholstered seats are optional features that add comfort and support.

Why K-Mark?

K-Mark is a leading manufacturer and supplier of office chairs in South Africa, with branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

We’ve been in operation for almost 20 years, and take pride in the high quality of the office furniture we make. Our office chairs, including our new training room chairs, are used by companies of all sizes – including a number of leading corporations – across the country.

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