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Best Office Chairs in South Africa for 2024

Best Office Chairs in South Africa for 2024
February 15, 2024 gnuworld

A high-quality, supportive office chair improves one’s health and productivity. Investing in good office seating is a must for businesses of all sizes.

At K-Mark, we provide locally made office chairs in a range of designs with bespoke finishings to match any brand.

If you’re looking for the best office chairs in South Africa for 2024, consider taking a look at our office chair catalogue.

What K-Mark offers in 2024

K-Mark has been manufacturing high-quality office seating for more than two decades. We aim to supply bespoke office seating that’s locally produced so that our product range is consistent. We also offer office chair repair and refurbishment, churn management and office relocations.

Best Office Chairs in South Africa for 2024 installation

A recent installation of desks and chairs for the new Old Mutual Finance head office in Pinelands, Cape Town.

We supply high-quality office seating and other office furniture to large corporate companies, such as Old Mutual, Metropolitan Health and Amazon. We also supply office chairs to small businesses and home offices throughout South Africa.

office furniture, including soft seating and bar stools

We supplied a range of office furniture, including soft seating and bar stools, to the new Old Mutual Finance head office in Pinelands, Cape Town.

Best mesh-backed office chairs for 2024

Meshback chairs are a great choice for South African offices. The mesh backrest allows for airflow while still providing plenty of back and lumbar support. This makes them more comfortable during our long, hot summers.

Our Andes Meshback office chair has a stylish and modern design coupled with comfortable and supportive features such as a waterfall-edge seat.

  • Andes Meshback
    Andes Meshback

    Andes Meshback

    Mesh back support

    The Andes meshback is a stylish netback chair that offers ample lumbar support. The mesh backrest creates comfortable but breathable back support even after many hours of sitting. Netback chairs are ideal for South Africa’s warm climate.


    The comfortable padded seat of the Andes meshback can be customised with different fabric to suit your tastes and company branding. The chair is also adjustable, making it ideal corporate environment with varied users.

    Andes meshback highlights

    • Mesh backrest with lumbar support
    • Self-tensioning synchronised tilt mechanism
    • 1d height adjustable armrests
    • Gas height adjustment
    • 5-star castor base
    R3,383.30 incl. VAT

Other features include a self-tensioning synchronised tilt mechanism, adjustable armrests and a five-star castor base for smooth rolling and swivelling.

Best certified ergonomic office chairs for 2024

Ergonomic chairs must be fully adjustable, so they can provide the right type of support to all users. Some chairs claim to be ergonomic but aren’t independently certified. At K-Mark, we manufacture two chairs that have been certified by Ergomax, the EasyPro and the Veneto.

The EasyPro is our flagship ergonomic chair. The practical design ticks all the right boxes to qualify as ergonomic and can be customised to suit your décor.


The EasyPro features a breathable mesh backrest, height-adjustable armrests, automatic tilt adjustment and a five-star castor base for smooth, easy swivelling.

Best visitors’ chairs for 2024

Visitors’ chairs have lots of uses in offices. They can be used as extra seating for training sessions, for presentation and events, in meeting rooms and boardrooms, and even in the reception area. Some are stackable, making them easy to store.

Our stackable Modena Side Chair is a versatile option that comes with or without arms and features a comfortable, moulded seat.

  • Stackable office chair on special
    Stackable office chair on special

    Modena Side Chair with Arms

    The standard Modena side chair replicates the ergonomic design of the upholstered version. It features a curved backrest to maximise lumbar support, and a moulded seat with drop down edges to enhance comfort levels. The backrest is manufactured from breathable mesh, an eminently suitable material for South African conditions. The standard Modena is an easily manageable stacking chair that has the style and refinement to fit into any corporate milieu.
    R1,552.50 incl. VAT

The chrome finish on the legs makes it a stylish option and the upholstery can be customised to suit your décor.

Best office stools for 2024

Standing desks are more popular than ever, but most people can’t stand on their feet all day. Most standing desks use a comfortable stool for active sitting. People who work at counters or workbenches need a decent stool to give their feet a rest.

The Ziggurat Wobble Base is the perfect office stool for active sitting. The base allows the seat to lean seven degrees in any direction, so the user is always engaging their core muscles.

  • Zigurrat Wobble base
    Zigurrat Wobble base

    Ziggurat wobble base

    Tilting base

    The Ziggurat wobble base stool features a tilting base that can lean 7 degrees in any direction. This means the base remains in place while the seat can lean or pivot 360 degrees to give the user freedom of movement.

    Multiple finishes

    The Ziggurat wobble base stool has a rounded, padded seat for extra comfort. The pivot and base are also available in a range of finishes. This stool is ideal for people who use a standing desk.

    Ziggurat wobble base highlights

    • 360-degree tilt
    • Aluminium and nylon finishes
    • Sturdy base with wobbling pivot
    • Padded and rounded seat
    R2,748.50 incl. VAT

The stool has a comfortable padded seat and a sturdy base, so the user is comfortable and active at the same time. The base is available in aluminium or nylon finishes.

Best canteen chairs for 2024

Canteen chairs must be robust and easy to clean. A comfortable canteen chair can be used in your office break room but also as seating in kitchens, on patios or balconies, and as extra seating for events or presentations.

Our GSI Side Chairs come in a range of colours and are available with or without arms. These stackable chairs are made from high-strength polyurethane, making them durable and easy to clean.

  • green chair
    green chair

    GSI Side Chair

    K-Mark’s stackable canteen chairs are tough, durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Our canteen chairs are made from polyurethane, with or without armrests. They feature a lightweight, full-back design, and are available in a range of colours including black, white, red, orange, brown, yellow and green. A moulded seat and backrest are contoured to the body shape to provide the best possible support for the legs and lumbar area. Despite a utilitarian construction, K-Mark’s stackable canteen chair is comfortable, stylish and appropriate for more informal business settings. It is also easy to clean.
    R667.00 incl. VAT

The moulded seat and arms are practical yet comfortable. The metal legs give these chairs a stylish finish.

Best tub chairs for 2024

Every office needs some soft seating. Tub chairs offer a compact design and a versatility that makes them suitable for a range of applications, including as reception seating, visitors’ chairs, meeting room chairs and desk chairs.

Our Elsie’s tub chair is available as a desk chair with a castor base and as an armchair with a cross base. Both bases are black ferro coated, giving them a lasting matte finish.

  • Elsies tub chair
    Elsies tub chair

    Elsies tub chair 4 prong base

    Custom upholstery

    The upholstered and moulded foam tub of the chair makes it a comfortable choice and the option to choose your own fabric ensures the chair will fit in with your corporate branding or décor.


    The Elsies tub chair with 4 prong base is wheeled so it can be used as a desk chair. It also works well as a visitor’s chair or as boardroom and meeting room chairs. The chair features a padded seat cushion and rounded back for extra comfort.

    Elsies tub chair highlights

    • Wheeled four prong base
    • Multi-use chair
    • Moulded foam
    • Custom fabric
    • Black ferro coated base
    R4,715.00 incl. VAT

The stylish angular design is comfortable but compact, and can be customised to suit your décor. The chair has a moulded foam cushion for extra comfort.

How to choose the best office chair

The first factor to consider is how the chair will be used. If the user will be sitting for long hours, choose an ergonomic chair. If the user has a standing desk or works at a counter, a stool or draughtsman chair will work better.

Consider the size of the office. Smaller spaces need compact designs, like operator chairs, while larger offices can accommodate bigger chairs, such as highback chairs.

Also consider the cost versus what you’re getting. The highest-rated chairs in the world are prohibitively expensive. An experienced local manufacturer with a good reputation will offer chairs that balance high quality with affordability.

Finding a local manufacturer means you can get repeats of the same chair with the same specs. This is especially important if your business is growing and you may need to expand your offices or open new branches.

As a local manufacturer with many years of experience, K-Mark offers some of the best office chairs in South Africa for 2024. Browse our online store or contact us for more information about our range of office chairs and other furniture.

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