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Office Chairs for Sale: Why it Pays To Buy Direct from the Manufacturer

Office Chairs for Sale: Why it Pays To Buy Direct from the Manufacturer
April 17, 2020 gnuworld

There’s no shortage of retailers offering office chairs for sale. For a number of reasons, though, it makes good sense to buy office furniture direct from the manufacturer.

1. Customisation: choose office chair fabric, design and features

Manufacturers decide how their furniture is made and what materials to use.

This allows them to offer custom office furniture to their customers. Buyers can choose office chair fabrics, colours, designs and features.

For instance, company buyers can order office chairs to match colours in corporate branding or to complement existing office décor.

Individuals can choose the look and style of chair they like most.

2. Easy re-ordering of chairs with the same specifications

Once you’ve bought custom furniture from a manufacturer, the manufacturer will have your preferences on file.

This makes it easy to order additional chairs that have the same specifications. For instance, you can readily order new chairs to accommodate new employees, or to replace existing chairs that are damaged.

3. Reliable, professional office chair repairs

The team that made an office chair is generally the best equipped to repair it.

They’ll have the right expertise and equipment. It’s also likely they’ll have access to the same components and fabric originally used to make the chair.

Having access to a reliable repairs service can significantly extend the life of an office chair. This adds to its value.

At K-Mark, we offer office chair repairs and re-upholstery.

4. Support for South African manufacturing

Buying office chairs direct from the manufacturer will typically mean buying from a local business.

South African manufacturers and their employees could really use your support.

At K-Mark, we’re proud of all our staff, and support their on-going development. Our company has a Level 2 B-BBEE certificate. We’ve been in business since 2000, and the company has been 51% black-owned since 2003.

Our original factory in Milnerton, Cape Town houses our customer care centre, manufacturing plant, warehouse and admin offices. We also operate in Johannesburg and Durban.

K-Mark’s range of office chairs and soft seating

K-Mark has 20 years’ experience manufacturing professional and ergonomic office chairs.

We manufacture highback, midback, operator, mesh-back, draughtsman, stacking and even gaming chairs.

office chairs for sale

More recently, we started offering a larger range of soft office seating, including booths, pods, sofas, ottomans, tub chairs and armchairs. You can browse the full range online.

soft office seating

Our range can be customised in the following ways:

  • fabric – we have a large range of upholstery colours and patterns
  • armrest type – choose from height-adjustable or fixed
  • armrest shape – we have a range of shapes depending on your preferences
  • base – we offer chrome and nylon bases in two different designs.

For office chairs direct from the manufacturer, contact us at K-Mark. We offer an extensive range of high-quality office furniture, customised to suit corporate or individual preferences.