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Office Chair Leaning to One Side? How to Fix It

Office Chair Leaning to One Side? How to Fix It
June 12, 2017 gnuworld

office chair castors or wheels leaning to side

If your office chair leans to one side, it’s important to fix the problem. If you don’t, the misalignment of the chair is likely to put unnecessary strain on your lower back.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an engineer to rectify the problem. You will, however, need a few basic tools. A flat tip and Philips screwdriver set and a small adjustable wrench should do the trick.

Your first task is to identify why the chair is listing to one side. There are really only two possibilities, both of which require you to top-end the chair so that the leg base is facing the ceiling.

The castors

Castors can sometimes bend or collapse, especially if you tend to move around on the chair when seated. Ensure the castors are screwed, or fitted, firmly to the legs, and check for any defects.

You may find that one of the screws is loose or missing. That’s easy enough to remedy.

Alternatively, you may have to replace one or more castors. You remove a castor by pulling it off or screwing it loose, depending on the design of your chair. If it’s a battle to get the castor loose, spray a lubricant such as Q20 on the joint, and gently work it off with your hands.

Then nip off the nearest office furniture supply or hardware store, and buy a replacement set. You’ll either have to slot the new castor over the base of the leg or screw it into place.

The swivel seat plate

If the castors are in working order, the problem is usually caused by the metal swivel seat plate located underneath the seat. Check all the bolts, ensuring that they’re tightly screwed into the plastic seat holder.

Missing bolts on one side of the seat plate will automatically cause the seat to list or collapse. If one or more bolts are missing, you can buy new bolts (take an existing bolt to compare so you get the right size) and screw them into place with a spanner or adjustable wrench.

You may also find that the seat plate is bent out of shape or damaged. In this case, the part will have to be replaced.

Expert office chair repairs

It’s a good idea to have your office chair serviced occasionally. This will extend the chair’s life span and help ensure that the chair provides your body with optimal support throughout the work day.

As well as manufacturing high-quality new office chairs, K-Mark offers professional office chair repairs and re-upholstery.

Our office chair repair service includes:

  • realignment of the shell in relation to the base and arms
  • checking and servicing of twin wheel castors
  • tightening of assembly screws
  • general servicing of chair height and tilt mechanisms
  • re-securing of upholstery, or re-upholstery if required
  • a valet service, with deep cleaning of chair fabric.

Whether you need a new office chair or repairs because of an issue like a chair leaning to one side, we can help. Contact us for more information or to discuss your office chair needs.