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Boardroom Chairs for Sale

Boardroom Chairs for Sale
November 9, 2017 gnuworld
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A company boardroom is where meetings are held and decisions are made. It’s the hub of power in an organisation – and as such, it should be properly equipped.

As well as selecting a conference table and video-conferencing facilities, don’t forget to pay attention to the basics. Everyone has to sit. You want boardroom chairs to be comfortable and to convey the right impression about your business… generally, to be just that little bit “upmarket” and impressive.

What to look for in boardroom chairs

The best boardroom chairs for sale have the following features in common.

Padded comfort

Boardroom chairs accommodate company directors, upper management and VIP clients. As such, core features are padded comfort and all-body support.

Seats should be soft, deep and sufficiently spacious to allow the hips and legs to fit snugly but without a squeeze. Padded backrests provide comfort and support for the spine.


The best boardroom chairs are height and depth adjustable to accommodate any body shape or size. Sitting for long periods in a seat that’s too shallow or a chair that’s standing too high or too low off the ground is irritating, tiring and bad for body posture. It also won’t help you be at your ease in important meetings.

Swivel and tilt capabilities

To ensure meeting participants can easily turn to the people beside them, a boardroom chair should have swivel and tilt capabilities.

Types of boardroom chairs

So, what types of office chairs are most suitable for the boardroom… and why?

Mesh-back chairs, for South Africa’s warm climate

easy pro chairs mech back

Easypro desk chair

Stylish, highback chairs with ergonomic backrests constructed from cool, comfortable mesh are an ideal choice for South African boardrooms.

For example, a leader in this line is the EasyPro office chair, available in four elegant styles. The chair comes with Italian-made armrests and a unique mechanism that automatically synchronises the tilt of the seat to the recline of the backrest.

Sleek, stylish highback chairs

highback office boardroom chairs

Highback chairs

Highback chairs offer good support and are sufficiently impressive for meetings with high-powered clients.

Of the highback chairs we offer, for example, we recommend our Genmax Highback with loop armrests or the Genet Highback, optionally upholstered in leather.

As boardroom chairs, they can be customised with armrests, a base and fabric or leather upholstery designed to suit your preferences and company branding. The chairs provide ergonomic support for the spine, as well as the neck and head. They also include swivel and tilt functionality, and enable users to recline.

Multi-purpose midback chairs

midback office chairs kmark

Midback chairs

Midbacks are versatile multi-use office chairs. They have all the ergonomic features of the highback, but without the extended backrest.

You can adjust the height, tilt and tension of our midback chairs, and have them customised with the armrests, base and upholstery material you desire. Midbacks are affordable boardroom chairs that offer comfort and style.

Cost-cutting kit chairs

A comparatively low-cost option is the all-purpose kit chair. Kit chairs make ideal, affordable boardroom chairs, suitable especially for SMEs and start-up companies that want to make a good impression while minimising costs.

We offer a range of kit chairs, including fully adjustable swivel chairs in various configurations and a static or fixed kit chair.

Why consider our boardroom chairs?

At K-Mark, we have nearly two decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality, ergonomic office chairs. We believe in providing exceptional service and outstanding products.

Our boardroom chairs come with five-year warranties and after-sales support, and are used by leading corporations across the country. Contact us for more information about our boardroom chairs for sale or to discuss your needs.