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Elegant Stackable Chairs for Sale Online in South Africa

Elegant Stackable Chairs for Sale Online in South Africa
Aug 23, 2021 gnuworld
elegant stackable chairs

Stackable chairs are a useful addition to any office. They’re ideal as extra seating for training sessions and events; as visitors’ chairs in offices; in canteens and cafeterias; and in reception and waiting areas.

K-Mark’s trusted range of stackable side chairs is now available for buying online. We’re pleased to have launched a convenient e-commerce platform, with our new online store.

Modena Side Chair

The Modena Side Chair features an ergonomic structure with a sleek chrome finish. The chair has a soft upholstered seat with a dropdown edge for extra comfort.

  • modena chair for sale
    modena chair for sale

    Modena Side Chair

    The Modena stacking chair has the high-end features of the Modena side chair – ergonomic construction, clean chrome finish and sleek, stackable design. It also has upholstered seating, and extended arm rests clad in black trim. The backrest is available in breathable mesh or upholstered fabric.
    R1,552.50 incl. VAT

Like all our chairs, the Modena Side Chair is customisable. The backrest is available in a breathable mesh or fully upholstered. The seat fabric is also customisable.

Modena Side Chair with arms

The stackable Modena Side Chair also comes in a version with armrests. This style has the same ergonomic features, such as the curved backrest for lumbar support.

  • Stackable office chair on special
    Stackable office chair on special

    Modena Side Chair with Arms

    The standard Modena side chair replicates the ergonomic design of the upholstered version. It features a curved backrest to maximise lumbar support, and a moulded seat with drop down edges to enhance comfort levels. The backrest is manufactured from breathable mesh, an eminently suitable material for South African conditions. The standard Modena is an easily manageable stacking chair that has the style and refinement to fit into any corporate milieu.
    R1,552.50 incl. VAT

The soft, moulded seat features a dropdown edge and customisable fabric. The backrest is also available in mesh or upholstered.

Wave Sleighbase Visitor Chair

The Wave Sleighbase Visitor Chair has a chic outline with an upholstered finish and chrome sleigh-base legs.

  • stacking chair
    stacking chair

    Wave Sleighbase Visitor Chair

    The upholstered wave sleigh-based visitors chair is the upscale model in the K-Mark range. It features cushioned seating, a plush, upholstered backrest, and a sophisticated chrome wave sleigh-based finish. Fabrics are fully customisable to complement office décor or corporate branding. The Wave sleigh-based visitors chair is a lightweight and elegant office chair that is easily stored when not in use.
    R1,541.00 incl. VAT

This stackable chair features fully customisable fabrics, so you can design the chair to fit in with your corporate office décor. The chair is lightweight and is easy to carry and store.

Buy office chairs online

With the launch of our online store, you can now order most of our range of office chairs online. K-Mark is a proudly South African office chair and furniture manufacturer.

Our office furniture is customisable, allowing you to choose between different fabrics, finishes, arms and base options. Browse our online store to find:

As well as elegant stackable chairs for sale online, we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality office chairs – and our chairs are used by leading corporations across the country. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.