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5 Tips for a Healthier, Happier Work Life

5 Tips for a Healthier, Happier Work Life
February 7, 2017 gnuworld


If you’re finding your job uninspiring and stressful, it’s time to make some changes. In fact, sometimes you can help turn things around by making just a few simple changes, designed to improve your health and happiness at work.

Make better use of your lunch breaks

Taking a proper lunch break – rather than wolfing down a sandwich at your desk – can significantly reduce stress. It can also boost your energy levels, making you more productive and creative in the afternoons, and less tired out by the time you get home.

Ideally, use the opportunity to take a complete break from your work environment. Walk to a nearby park and read a novel, visit interesting places – from art galleries to historical monuments – in your city, fit in a visit to a nearby swimming pool, try new restaurants or catch up with old friends.

Aim for personal excellence rather than to “get ahead”

Envy, resentment and office politics can turn an otherwise okay job into a misery.

It’s unavoidable that not all your relationships at work will be harmonious all the time. However, one key to a happier work life is to focus on doing your personal best, rather than on competing against co-workers or comparing yourself to others.

Resolve to measure yourself against your own potential and growth. With this approach, results and recognition from others will come naturally.

Incorporate movement in your office routine

Sitting for extended periods leads to stiff muscles and puts pressure on your spine. It also promotes high cholesterol and increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

If you have a desk job, aim to take a “micro-break” of just a few minutes after every hour. Get up and move around to increase blood flow in your legs and arms. If there’s a staircase nearby, take a few minutes to head down it and back up, before returning to your desk.

Of course, it’s also a great idea to do some proper, energetic exercise at least three times a week. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym – a 30-minute walk outside or the occasional yoga class could do you a power of good.

Go home at home time!

Over-working puts you on the fast track to burn-out and misery. If you find that you’re constantly working long hours and have no time for a personal life, you need to tackle this head on.

Prioritise your tasks in the office and be realistic about what you can achieve in a day. Then be ruthless about leaving the office on time so that you can relax, have some fun and enjoy time with friends and family. If you must work overtime, limit this to two days a week at most.

Get a great office chair

Last but not least, get the right office chair to prevent unnecessary back and neck strain. A comfortable, ergonomically designed chair can significantly reduce the physical stress that long work hours put on your body. In turn, it can leave you feeling less mentally stressed and more energetic.

At K-Mark, we manufacture office chairs that are designed to provide proper support for the spine, using only high-quality materials.

Our office chairs are used by several leading corporations, as well as by discerning individual clients.