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7 Productivity Myths, Debunked

7 Productivity Myths, Debunked
September 11, 2020 gnuworld
productivity myths

Even in the information age, productivity myths that negatively affect your work still persist.

We’ve debunked seven myths about how to get the most out of your working day.

1. Wake up early for better productivity

Waking up and starting work early has long been seen as more productive.

This is an understandable myth.

In reality, it depends on your work and your lifestyle.

Getting up early doesn’t automatically equal getting more work done, especially if you’re not naturally an early riser.

Forcing yourself to get up with the birds can make you sluggish and unproductive for the rest of the day.

A more natural start to your day – and using your work hours efficiently – are more important.

What’s more, you’ll be in a better mood.

2. Working from home means less productivity

The belief that people who work from home are less productive largely comes from the apparent lack of supervision and potential distractions.

But like any work environment, productivity at home depends on your work, your environment and your approach.

Some people benefit from the collaborative nature of an office.

Others find they can concentrate better at home and get more done.

Working from home eliminates commuting.

For most workers, this creates more hours in the day and less stress.

3. Dual monitors allow you to do more work

An extra screen might make you appear more productive but it won’t automatically translate into increased output.

The reality is that few jobs warrant a dual monitor setup.

Most jobs require a single screen or laptop that runs smoothly.

A second screen can be a distraction.

Dual monitors may help if you need to work between two programmes.

If your second monitor only has your email and work chat displayed, the constant notifications will simply disrupt your focus.

4. An organised space equals better productivity

Many articles and blogs tout the positive effects of an organised office space.

But does a neat space equal better productivity? Not necessarily.

Organised work environments don’t automatically foster productivity.

A sterile environment can work against productivity.

Many studies have found that a slightly messy environment improves productivity.

The understanding is that a slightly messy work area is more comfortable and encourages problem solving and creativity.

Just don’t go overboard with the mess and clutter.

5. Extra hours mean more work gets done

Throwing hours at a job doesn’t necessarily mean you accomplish more.

How you use your time is more important than how much time you have.

Working into the evening is probably a sign that your workload is too heavy or you need a different approach.

Studies on shorter workdays and work weeks show that it’s possible to get more accomplished in less time when you have a better work-life balance.

Fewer, more focused hours accomplish more than a long day filled with distractions and time-wasting activities.

6. Productivity techniques and apps automatically boost productivity

Poor work habits can’t be fixed by downloading productivity apps.

Going overboard with productivity apps can have the opposite effect.

You can spend too much time “managing” your time.

A few apps to help you with your to-do list, communication and time management can be helpful.

7. Multitasking is good for productivity

Being able to multitask has long been seen as the pinnacle of getting stuff done.

In reality, there’s no such thing when it comes to your job.

It’s possible to have more than one task on the go, but to focus on a job you must give it your undivided attention.

The myth of multitasking persists because people with long to-do lists look busy and productive.

In reality, they have a long list of half-completed tasks.

Focusing on one task and finishing it properly is the way to go.

Bonus: 8. Your office chair doesn’t make a difference to your productivity

Anyone who has tried to sit for more than an hour in an uncomfortable chair knows this myth isn’t true.

A comfortable and supportive chair allows you to sit for longer and to concentrate on your work without putting strain on your body.

At K-Mark, you can find the best office chair to support your productivity at work or home.

Our office seating is fully customizable so you can pick the upholstery, colour, armrests and wheeled base of your choice.

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