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Workstation Screens and Office Dividers: Instant Privacy and Protection

Workstation Screens and Office Dividers: Instant Privacy and Protection
November 12, 2020 gnuworld
Workstation screens and office dividers

K-Mark’s new range of office dividers and screens allow you to create private areas and cubicles in a large open plan office without compromising on space or having to invest in new office furniture.

Our workstation and reception screens also offer protection so your office can adhere to social distancing guidelines when necessary.

Eco-friendly frameless and framed screens

Our eco-friendly frameless screens are made from 100% recycled Polyester felt-like fabric. They come in full-fabric frameless or with powder-coated frames. Finishing options include a PVC edge or fabric trim.

hive cluster cubicle

They can be used to create simple desk dividers for a more open setup or privacy pods and collaborative hives. You can even create an instant office at home if you don’t have a separate room to work in. For meetings, you can make compact yet private meeting pods.

meeting pod standalone office

Hectogon configurations are also the best use of space when you have multiple employees in the same space. You can fit more workstations than a square or rectangle configuration without squashing your employees in.

Mobile separation screens

Our mobile screens are ideal for permanent and temporary divisions in the office space. Frosted options also offer privacy. High-quality castors allow them to be moved easily when needed. We can also make them to your required size, so you don’t end up wasting space.

mobile screens

The reception screens and visitor’s booth can be used to protect frontline staff when necessary and also to offer privacy when working with sensitive documents. These dividers can be clear or a combination of clear and frosted.

reception screen visitors booth

Dividers can also be used to minimise noise disruptions which is one of the downsides of having an open-plan office. Dividers can reduce general office noise and offer some privacy and quiet for staff members who need to make regular phone calls.

Workstation screens

Our frosted workstation screens can be used to create desk dividers or semi-cubicles for privacy but without blocking light. Because we can make them to a custom size, they can be added to your existing desk configuration so there’s no need to invest in new office furniture.

workstation screens and office dividers

Staff working in open-plan offices are 62% more likely to take sick leave due to constant exposure to other staff members. Screens can help reduce the spread of germs in general and not just when social distancing guidelines are in place.

Other office furniture from K-Mark

In addition to our new range of office space dividers and privacy screens, K-Mark also offers a large range of customisable office chairs and soft seating options.

All K-Mark chairs and office furniture come with a 5-year warranty. We’re committed to green manufacturing and use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

Our office chairs and furniture are used by leading corporations across the country. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

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