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Top Tips for Furnishing a New Business

Top Tips for Furnishing a New Business
March 12, 2014 gnuworld

Starting a new company can be an exciting endeavour. One of the tasks it typically involves is furnishing the space you’ll be using as an office. Proper planning can make this process more fun and much less expensive over the long term.

Measure your office space

office spaceImage by fsse8info

Before you decide what furniture and equipment to purchase for a new office, think about where it’s all going to go – and whether there will be enough space for what you have in mind. Nothing could be more frustrating than going to your local office depot, coming home with a truckload of furniture and finding that the new desk or shelving unit you love so much doesn’t fit into the space that’s available. As a first step, it’s vital to draw up a floor plan and to measure the spaces where you intend to put things. Keep these measurements on hand when you’re choosing office furniture.

Future proofing

One of the first mistakes new business owners make when furnishing their offices is to plan for and get only what they need right there and then. Instead a savvy planner future-proofs an office. For example, ensure that you don’t buy limited-run models of any office furniture, from desks and chairs to filing units. That way, you’ll be able to purchase more items of the same model if your business expands, and your office will still look uniform and professional.

Finding the right desk

deskImage by Mike Burns

The most basic items of furniture you’ll need are a desk and chair for yourself and, if you have employees, for each of the people on your staff. A desk may seem like the easier item to choose. However, a desk can be unsuited to your body shape and size in much the same way that a chair can. For example, the height of your desk should suit your height and the desk should provide you with sufficient leg room.

A desk also has to be suitable for the space you plan to place it in. If the desk is going in front of a window, for example, you need to ensure that it will fit comfortably below the window sill and won’t block access to the window. If the desk has to fit into a corner, you may want to get a desk with a credenza, which will help you maximize work space. Other desk features to consider include wings, peninsulas, covers and drawers.

Ergonomic seating

It’s a good idea to decide on desks before purchasing office chairs. That way, you can ensure that the chairs you buy fit properly into the desks.

The chairs you choose for your office can be customized in almost every way. Here at K-Mark, we allow you to customize everything from the wheels, base, and back to the head-rest, cushioning and upholstery of your office chairs.

If you’ve already hired employees, it can also help to get some height and ratio measurements for them. If you still need to assemble a team or don’t want to ask for employees’ measurements, make sure you choose chairs with as many customizable features as possible – including adjustable height, base tilt, armrest height and backrest tilt – so that the employees can adjust the chairs to suit their needs.

Comfort comes first, but once you’ve taken care of the ergonomics, it’s time to think about what kind of colour scheme you’d like for your office. Bright colours can be jarring, but you also don’t want to go too dull. Consider going the route of cool pastel colours, which are very much in vogue in current office designs.

Furniture Installations


furniture installationsIn order to get your furniture budget as slim as possible, K-Mark ensures that your new office furniture is delivered directly to your doorstep, and assembled for you too by our fully-trained staff, saving you the trouble of figuring out confusing assembly diagrams. We cover every aspect of office furniture installations, setting up chairs, screening, filing cabinets, desks and boardrooms.

Filing options

Every office needs a filing solution. K-Mark’s bulk filing service allows you to customise every aspect of a mobile filing cabinet. Depending on the amount of paperwork your office will process, you can build the perfect filing system, choosing from a range of adjustable shelves, pull-out cradles, reference tabs and wire racks. Also consider using K-Mark’s custom filing solution software, which lets you keep track of every last document.

Think of the break room

break roomImage by tim.riley

When planning how to furnish an office, it’s unlikely you’ll forget about the needed workspaces, a conference room or the reception area. However, making sure you have a well-equipped break room is essential too. Keep employees satisfied with a relaxing break room that includes comfortable seating, one or more suitable tables, a microwave, refrigerator and of course a coffee pot.

Here at K-Mark we offer a wide range of business furnishing solutions. We not only provide high-quality customisable office chairs, but assemble and install office furniture as well.


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