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How Often Should Office Chairs Be Replaced?

How Often Should Office Chairs Be Replaced?
April 6, 2016 gnuworld

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For medium to large companies, office furniture represents a significant investment. This investment has to be an on-going one because employees come and go, office needs change and furniture is subject to wear and tear.

But how often is it necessary to replace office chairs?

The answer depends mostly on who you bought the chairs from in the first place.

What affects the life span of office chairs

By far the most important factor affecting the life span of an office chair is its quality. There are some other factors to consider too though.

Quality and warranty

A high-quality office chair, like those we manufacture at K-Mark, is likely to have a five-year warranty. This is the best indication that the chair has been properly manufactured from high-quality, durable materials, according to an ergonomic design.

In this category, a chair is likely to last for at least a good seven to eight years before requiring significant repairs or replacement.

Alternatively, office chairs can be quickly and cheaply knocked together, and upholstered with low-quality fabric. In the case of “bargain” chairs, your problems may start early, with chairs that don’t assemble or function correctly from the outset. At minimum, they’ll probably need regular repairs or replacement.

Even if poor-quality chairs came with a warranty of a year or two, you might find it challenging to locate an overseas manufacturer or to have your complaints satisfactorily resolved.

Availability of a repair service

If the manufacturer who supplies your company with office chairs provides a repair service, it can significantly extend the life of the chairs. Having chairs reconditioned is much cheaper than replacing them.

In some cases, chairs may have to be returned to the supplier for full refurbishing. Often though, simpler issues can be repaired and components like seat cushions and back pads can be replaced onsite.

Users’ sense of ownership

Employees who like their chairs because they’re comfortable are more likely to look after them and to report any minor problems so they can be remedied promptly.

People are naturally less likely to care for chairs that feel or appear cheap or damaged. Similarly, if an office chair is used by multiple employees who come and go – for example in a call centre with high turnover – the chair is less likely to receive careful treatment and might not last as long.

What K-Mark offers



K-Mark has been specialising in the manufacture of high-quality, comfortable office chairs for well over a decade. We supply office chairs to leading companies throughout South Africa, and offer expert office chair repair services.