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Office Chair Repairs: What You Can do Yourself and What Needs a Professional

Office Chair Repairs: What You Can do Yourself and What Needs a Professional
January 12, 2022 gnuworld
office chair repairs

Even small problems can become irreversible if they aren’t fixed quickly. We offer an overview of what office chair repairs you can do yourself and which chair issues need a professional.

Office chairs are built to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, constant use means even high-end chairs need periodic maintenance and repairs.

Office chair repairs you can do yourself

Some of the most common office chairs repairs simply require basic tools and a bit of elbow grease.

How to fix a sinking office chair

A sinking office chair is usually due to a faulty pneumatic cylinder. Buy a replacement cylinder to swap with the old one, or try a temporary hack using PVC pipe or a hose clamp to keep your chair rising for a bit longer.

How to fix a squeaky office chair

A squeaky office chair is usually caused by loose bolts or fittings. To fix this, turn your chair upside down and tighten every bolt and screw using a small spanner or Allen key. Squeaks coming from the lift mechanism or the wheels can be fixed with Q20 or a similar lubricant.

How to fix stuck castors

Chair castors often get stuck. It’s usually because dirt, hair and carpet fibres have built up in the wheel to prevent them from turning. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any fibres. For stubborn debris, use a can of compressed air to blow it out or push it out with a toothpick or earbud.

How to fix office chair arms

Office chair arms can come loose over time and need to be tightened with a spanner or Allen key. If the chair arm is cracked or broken, you can buy replacements. Make sure you match the new one to the old to be sure it will fit.

Office chair repairs that need a professional

Some office chair repairs should be done by a professional, especially if they involve tricky mechanisms that might lose their warranty otherwise.

Reupholster an office chair

If your chair’s upholstery is stained, torn or coming loose, take your chair to a professional who can either reattach the fabric or reupholster the entire chair. Professionals have the right tools and fabrics to do the job.

Office chair base replacement

If your office chair’s base is damaged beyond repair, get a replacement. It’s vital that the base of your chair fits and is properly aligned to the shell. If not, you run the risk of poor posture or tipping. This repair should be done by a professional.

Office chair servicing

Periodic office chair servicing, especially for large corporates with lots of office chairs, should be handled by a professional service. They can deep clean the chairs, service the mechanisms, reupholster or secure upholstery, replace parts, tighten the assembly and make sure any squeaks or wobbles are taken care of.

Office chair repairs and manufacturing from K-Mark

K-Mark has been manufacturing and servicing office chairs for more than 20 years. We manage office chair maintenance and supply for multiple large corporates as well as smaller businesses that prefer a South African product.

K-Mark’s office chair repair services include:

  • reupholstering or re-securing of upholstery
  • servicing of chair height and tilt mechanisms
  • servicing of wheels and castors
  • realignment to base and arms
  • tightening of assembly screws.

In addition to office chairs, K-Mark manufactures an extensive range of high-quality office chairs, along with stylish soft seating, cubicles and dividers.

Contact us for more information about office chair repairs or to discuss your office furniture needs.

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