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Low, Mid or High-Back: Which Office Chair is Best for You?

Low, Mid or High-Back: Which Office Chair is Best for You?
May 5, 2017 gnuworld

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We all know the physical benefits of an ergonomic office chair – greater support, improved posture and reduced muscle pain. But have you thought about whether a low-back, mid-back or high-back office chair is best for your work situation?

Here’s what you need to know about each of these designs to make the best choice.

Low-back office chairs

genet operator chair

Operator chair

Low-back chairs, also referred to as “task chairs” or “typist’s chairs”, are designed to provide lower back and mid-back lumbar support. They typically have a relatively small backrest that comes as high as the middle of the back.

Low-back chairs are an economical and practical option if you need to maintain movement while seated.

However, they don’t provide support to the upper back, neck or head. They’re not ideal if you spend more than a couple of hours sitting at a time, or if you have existing upper back or neck problems.

Mid-back office chairs

mid-back office chair k-mark

Midback chair

A mid-back chair has a large backrest that comes up to shoulder or neck height. These chairs are designed to support the curve of your spine and protect your lower and mid-back. They also provide support in the shoulder blade area.

Mid-back chairs can be used for periods of four hours or more, and are suitable for use behind a desk or in a conference room, making them a good choice for office environments where chairs are used for various functions.

High-back office chairs

high-back office chair k-mark

Highback chair

High-back office chairs, also called “executive chairs”, usually have backrests that extend to the upper back. They sometimes also include a neck or headrest.

These chairs offer support to the lower back, upper back, shoulders and neck, and are usually more adjustable than low-back or mid-back office chairs.

A high-back office chair is a good choice if you sit for long stretches at a time, and don’t need to be mobile while seated.

If you suffer from back pain, look for a high-back chair with lumbar support that is adjustable in height, depth and angle for maximum comfort.

At K-Mark, we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality low-back, mid-back and high-back office chairs – and our chairs are used by leading corporations across the country. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.