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Finding the Best Gaming Chair in South Africa: What to Look For

Finding the Best Gaming Chair in South Africa: What to Look For
March 16, 2020 gnuworld
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Comfort, support and mobility are essential when it comes to maximising the gaming experience.

We examine the features to look for in a good gaming chair and where you can find the best gaming chair in South Africa.

What’s different about a gaming chair?

In essence, gaming chairs are pimped-up office chairs. They have the features and ergonomic functionality of a high-end office chair but with added lumbar support.

The difference comes in the styling and design. One is designed to satisfy office convention. The other is tailormade for next-gen gamers.

Office chairs are muted, utilitarian and business-like. Gaming chairs are racy, futuristic and colourful.

What to look for when choosing a gaming chair

When selecting a gaming chair, look for these core features.


The best gaming chairs are made from quality materials. Seats and backrests are moulded to snugly fit the shape of the body and they’re generously padded to support joints and muscles.


Sitting for any length of time is bad for your health.

The ability to move freely in the chair – forward, backwards and from side to side – allows for toning and flexing of the muscles. Movement alleviates aches, pains and stiffness, particularly in the lower back and shoulders.


A good gaming chair is designed to adequately support the body in different positions. All parts of a gaming chair should be fully adjustable.

This includes the chair’s:

  • height
  • depth of seat
  • backrest tilt and angle
  • armrest height.

What to avoid when buying a gaming chair

Gaming chairs with the racing car bucket-seat design may look trendy but they offer little comfort, adjustability and support.

These chairs feature leg and shoulder bolsters that are uncomfortable. These components limit the space available in the chair, push the shoulders forward and cramp the legs.

A bucket seat with a rigid moulded design doesn’t support mobility. It’s not fully adjustable and features a basic tilt mechanism that’s often difficult to engage.

Although these chairs may look mod and trendy, they’re often made from poor quality materials.

Introducing K-Mark’s new gaming chair in South Africa

K-Mark has designed a gaming chair that combines all the ergonomic essentials with the styling of a racing car.

The K-Mark gaming chair is comfortable, fully adjustable and supports enhanced mobility, both in the chair and across the gaming area.

Only the best quality materials have been used in the manufacturing process.

It features a solid build with an expansive seating area that’s unusual for a gaming chair.

The seat and backrest are moulded to provide optimal comfort and support.

Features include:

  • extra padding for the lower back
  • height adjustable armrests
  • a multifunctional, four-angle, tilt-locking mechanism
  • a sturdy nylon base with heavy-duty castors.

With superior comfort, support, and mobility, it’s easier to stay focused – even during marathon gaming sessions.

At K-Mark, we can’t advise you on how to be the best gamer but we do offer one of the best gaming chairs (and this can improve your gaming experience). We also manufacture an extensive range of high-quality office chairs. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.