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The World’s Most Unusual Chairs

The World’s Most Unusual Chairs
October 9, 2015 gnuworld

Chairs aren’t just functional, everyday objects. They can also be works of art or showpiece the cleverest of designs. Here we look at eight of the world’s most innovative chairs, some created to have more than one function and others designed simply to make unique aesthetic statements.

The 4-in-1 chair by Itay Kirshenbaum

The 4-in-1 chair is designed to provide multiple types of seating and is perfect for a small room where there isn’t space to include different chairs for different activities. The chair is easily converted from a regular chair to a rocking chair, a beach chair or a double bench. All one has to do is flip the chair over to change its style.

The LLSTOL by Niko Klansek

The LLSTOL by Niko Klansek

The result of a Kickstarter project, the LLSTOL is a lounge chair that can fulfil multiple functions. Its design consists of two strips of plywood that can be combined to create a lounge chair, a bench, a book shelf, a drawing board or a coffee table. The furniture can easily be disassembled and stored when not in use.

Disco Chair by Kiwi&Pom

Kiwi&Pom created a dual-function chair for Wallpaper Magazine – one that you can simply sit on during the day but that comes to life at night. The Disco Chair is a steel-frame chair, strung with 200 electroluminescent wires that light up in neon colours when switched on. The chair can even be set so that the lights flash on and off, like disco lights.

SuperFoam Chair

SuperFoam Chair
via Core77

A British industrial design student, Rich Gilbert, created the unique SuperFoam Chair through a specific casting process that allowed foam to be manipulated into the envisioned shape. The chair lights up from inside, emitting a fluorescent-green glow.

Wilsonart Chair

The Wilsonart Chair was the winning entry in the 2008 Wilsonart Chair Design Competition, held as part of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). It was created by Eric MacDonald, who worked from an elevated position to create the chair’s simple but highly unusual shape.

The SIE43 Chair

The flower-shaped SIE43 chair consists of a stainless steel frame and many, many bottles. Furniture designer Pawel Grunert created the chair for the Eco Trans Pop exhibition of ecological design, held in Milan, Italy.

The Mono Chair

Made from a single piece of bent aluminium, the Mono Chair only has two rear legs – the legs of the person sitting on the chair replace the front legs of the chair. Users of the chair needs to keep their legs at a 90-degree angle or they won’t be able to sit – the designer, Petr Badura, wanted the chair to only be complete when a person is using it.

The Rocking Wheel Chair

This futuristic concept rocking chair was designed by Mathias Koehler. The chair was designed as a single C-shaped structure, with no joints or separate rockers on the bottom of the chair. Its alienesque design is rounded off with an overhead reading light.

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