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Best Office Chairs for Tall or Large People

Best Office Chairs for Tall or Large People
May 14, 2018 gnuworld
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The problem with a “one size fits all” approach is that, more often than not, the item in question ends up not fitting anyone perfectly. It’s for this reason that office chairs should include adjustable features.

Even with adjustable height and tilt, however, not all office chairs are suitable for people of all builds. If you’re taller or larger than average, it’s worth looking for specific chair features to ensure comfort and proper support for your spine.

Best office chair features for big people

It’s especially important for people who are taller or larger than average to choose an appropriate chair, especially if it’s to be used for many hours a day.

Regardless of how fit you might be, extra height and/or weight means extra pressure on your spine and joints, as well as a slightly higher risk of blood circulation issues. There are ways to compensate though – and if you have a desk job, one of these is making sure you have the right office chair.

A solid base

Ideally, opt for the robust strength of a five- or seven-leg aluminium base that spreads the load but doesn’t compromise on agility or swivel functionality.

In addition, wide lockable castors offer enhanced mobility, optimum safety and long-lasting support. Our EasyPro, Industrial and Highback office chair ranges are all examples of solid base options.

Adjustable, contoured seat

Height- and depth-adjustable seats are ideal for people who are taller or heavier than average. With an adjustable seat, you can customise a chair to suit your shape.

Also, opt for a properly padded seat with rounded drop-down edges. This is important for minimising pressure on the back of the legs and allowing proper blood flow.

Our Maxcat Midback and Highback ranges, for example, offer comfortable contoured seating.

Proper lumbar support

Anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk should opt for an office chair that provides good lumbar support. People who are larger than average are more vulnerable to back problems, so proper back support is vital.

Higher weight capacity

Most standard office chairs are constructed to support average body weights of up to 120 kilograms. Bigger people, however, require chairs with a higher weight capacity. Before deciding on an office chair, be sure to ask what weight it’s designed to support.

Extended backrest

Tall people can help avoid neck and back pain by choosing a chair with an extended backrest. For example, our office highbacks offer high backs for extra lumbar support.

The backrest of an ergonomic office chair is typically between 30 and 48 centimetres wide.

Tips for ergonomic seating


As well as choosing an office chair that’s suitable for tall or large people, it’s worth taking some time to make sure your work space is ergonomically arranged.

Adjust the height of your chair so that you can sit with:

  • your elbows at a 90-degree angle and your hands resting on your desk
  • your knees at a 90-degree angle and your feet flat on the floor
  • roughly a fist-sized gap between the front edge of the chair and the top of your calves
  • the top of your computer screen at or just slightly below eye level.

At K-Mark, we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality, customisable office chairs – and our chairs are used by leading corporations across the country. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

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