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Best Boardroom and Meeting Room Chairs in South Africa

Best Boardroom and Meeting Room Chairs in South Africa
July 10, 2018 gnuworld
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The importance of a good ergonomic desk chair cannot be overstated but meetings and training sessions can also take up quite a few hours of your day. To avoid giving your staff and visitors stiff necks and sore backs, make sure just as much care goes into choosing your boardroom and meeting room chairs.

What to look for when sourcing boardroom and meeting room chairs

To ensure you source the perfect boardroom or meeting room chairs for your offices, look for options with the following attributes.


Additional chairs are often stored and only brought out when there is a big meeting or training session. Making sure the chairs are lightweight will make this task quicker and easier.


In order to save space, especially when storing excess chairs, it’s essential that the chairs are stackable.

Drop-down seat edges

To stop the edge of the seat is cutting into the back of your staff or visitor’s legs make sure that the chairs have a drop-down or waterfall seat edge. This rounded and padded front edge ensures good circulation when sitting for long periods.

Contoured backrests

Pick chairs that have a contoured and supportive backrest. An overly straight backrest will quickly lead to slouching over the course of a long meeting.


If you want your boardroom or meeting room chairs to match your office décor, make sure you get to choose the fabric type and colours. It’s also a good idea to consider netback chairs that allow air flow and help regulate body temperature.

Boardroom and meeting room chairs from K-Mark

K-Mark offers fully customisable and stackable boardroom and meeting room chairs. Here are just some of the reasons our chairs are so popular with corporate companies all over South Africa.

  • Our entire office chair range is fully customisable.
  • We offer a five-year guarantee on all our products.
  • We manufacture to industry best standards and use only quality parts.
  • We subscribe to green manufacturing wherever possible.
  • We have almost 20 years of experience.
  • We are trusted by corporate clients all around South Africa.

Stackable boardroom and meeting room chairs on offer

Our lightweight, stackable boardroom chairs have been designed to be portable and compact, making them convenient for storage.

Like all our chairs, they have been ergonomically designed to provide advanced comfort and lumbar support.

They are fully customisable, with a range of fabric and colours on offer to choose from. The seats also feature drop-down edges to minimise pressure on the upper thighs.

Desk chairs as boardroom chairs

If you only need a few boardroom or meeting room chairs, it’s worth considering ergonomic desk chairs instead.

They won’t be as lightweight or stackable, but if storage isn’t an issue, then ergonomically designed office chairs are the ideal seating choice for both desk and meeting room use.

You’ll also have the added benefits of casters, swivel bases and a larger range of options to choose from.

At K-Mark, we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality office chairs and boardroom chairs. All our chairs are fully customisable you can choose from different fabric types and colours, and pick armrests and bases

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