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A Look at Our Stackable Office Chairs: Practical and Stylish

A Look at Our Stackable Office Chairs: Practical and Stylish
January 16, 2020 gnuworld
stackable office chairs

Offices often need extra chairs but they can’t hang around when not in use and clutter up what is probably limited space.

This is where stackable chairs come in handy. You can fit many more into a small storage space compared to a standard chair.

Custom stackable office chairs

K-Mark’s stackable chair range is ergonomically designed for comfort and lumbar support, making them ideal even for long periods of sitting.

The chairs also feature a drop-down seat edge to minimise pressure on the upper thighs.

The chairs are fully customisable. You can choose the seat fabric, a mesh or fabric backrest and whether or not you need armrests.

Other features of these stackable office chairs:

  • lightweight and convenient for storage
  • moulded seating for comfort
  • contoured backrests, in breathable mesh or standard fabrics
  • elegant design appropriate for all office interiors
  • optional extended armrests for enhanced comfort.

Uses of stackable office chairs

Comfortable yet conveniently stackable chairs can come in handy for more than one purpose around the office.


You can create more seating for participants if you line up stackable chairs in a boardroom or meeting room, rather than trying to squeeze everyone around the boardroom table.


For workshops, especially when non-staff members join in, chairs can be added to desks or tables in the office to create more seating.

They can also be arranged to form clusters for group tasks related to the workshop.


Sometimes a presentation has to be delivered to the entire staff. If they can’t all fit in a boardroom, chairs can be set out in a lobby, foyer or any other open space that can accommodate everyone.

Office functions

If functions like networking lunches are held at the office, stackable office chairs can be brought out to create more seating for guests.

The benefits of K-Mark’s office chairs and seating

K-Mark has a long history of making high-quality ergonomic office seating, including stackable chairs and guest seating.

These are among the reasons for the popularity of our office furniture in South Africa:

  • all our office seating is customisable – choose fabrics and features
  • we offer a five-year guarantee on all our office chairs
  • we manufacture our chairs with the best quality parts and materials
  • we have a green policy and subscribe to sustainable manufacturing practices wherever possible
  • we are proud to have a level 2 B-BBEE rating
  • we were founded in 2000 and have two decades of experience.

We also manufacture an extensive range of high-quality low-back, mid-back and high-back office chairs, as well as office soft seating and sofas.

Contact us for more information about our stackable office chairs or to discuss your needs.