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6 Soft Office Chairs to Add Flair to Your Work or Home Office

6 Soft Office Chairs to Add Flair to Your Work or Home Office
Aug 11, 2020 gnuworld
soft office chairs

The right furniture can make or break an office environment.

Good ergonomic desk chairs are a must-have but your office can also benefit from soft seating.

These chairs complement your décor and serve essential purposes, such as waiting-area seating.

Soft seating from K-Mark

K-Mark offers a range of soft seating options for your home or work office.

These include sofas, armchairs, ottomans, booths and upholstered desk chairs.

All of our office chairs come with custom upholstery, so you can choose the colour and design that suits your office or home décor.

Our soft seating can be used as:

  • office furniture for informal meeting areas and pause areas
  • lobby or reception furniture
  • contemporary office bar seating or office café seating
  • furniture for coworking spaces and shared workspaces.

6 of our favourite soft office chairs

We’ve picked six of our favourite pieces and share how they can be used in your office environment.

Mondo double-seater sofa

mondo double seater

This comfortable double-seater sofa is ideal for lounge areas or for use in the waiting area and break room.

It can be added to a private office as extra seating or used at home.

Elm single armchair

elm single armchair

The stylish Elm armchair can be used to create smaller lounge areas with side tables in a corner of the office for informal meetings.

It’s also a comfortable option for the waiting area or as a visitor’s chair in a private office.

Cosmo double booth

cosmo double booth

Booths offer privacy and sound reduction, so they can be used for gatherings when meeting rooms are booked.

They’re comfortable seating for lounge areas too.

We also offer booths that come in a face-to-face pod configuration.

Bilboa hut chair

bilboa hut chair

This gorgeous chair is part of our range of upholstered desk chairs.

It’s a stylish option if you don’t want a traditional office chair.

It works well in a smaller waiting area or in the break room.

Mondo slipper chair

mondo slipper chair

The Mondo slipper chair has no arms, so it’s a good option if you have limited space.

It’s a comfortable chair for working on a laptop because there are no arms to restrict movement when typing.

Starling oversize ottoman

starling oversize ottoman

We have ottomans in a range of sizes and the Starling is one of the larger options.

It can hold trays and magazines, so can double as a coffee table.

Ottomans work well as extra seating in various areas.

Other office chairs from K-Mark

In addition to soft seating, K-Mark has been supplying quality, ergonomic office chairs in South Africa for almost 20 years.

Choose from a selection of fabric, armrests and bases to create the perfect bespoke chairs to suit your needs and décor.

All our ergonomic office chairs are backed by 5-year warranties.

We also provide office chair repairs and maintenance.


At K-Mark, we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality office chairs – and our chairs are used by leading corporations across the country.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.