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9 Stylish Office Reception Chairs

9 Stylish Office Reception Chairs
Mar 12, 2021 gnuworld
office reception chairs

Office reception chairs must comfortable and stylish but shouldn’t take up too much space in your reception area. This can make soft seating intended for home use unsuitable.

K-Mark has a range of soft seating options specifically for use in office spaces, including reception chairs. Here are our top picks for style, comfort and practicality.

Stylish office reception chairs: our top picks

All our office reception chairs are customisable, so you can choose the fabric that suits your office décor.

Cosmos single armchair

cosmos single armchair

The Cosmos single armchair uses straight lines to create a simple yet stylish design that would suit a minimalist or geometric themed office space. It’s one of our larger armchairs but is compact enough to fit in most reception areas.

Mondo double-seater

mondo double seater

If you want a sofa in your reception area, the Mondo double-seater is compact but comfortable. Most home sofas are too bulky to work well in offices where space is limited. The Mondo double-seater solves that issue in style.

Nyala tub chair

nyala tub chair

The smaller Nyala tub chair has a contemporary style that fits most offices. Simply change the fabric finish so it matches your colour theme and you have a compact reception chair that fits right in.

Moru tub chair

moru tub chair

The Moru tub chair has a simple, Scandinavian-inspired design that fits well in a modern office. No arms mean less bulk, so the Moru tub chair fits into smaller spaces. It also suits minimalist environments.

Elm single armchair

elm single armchair

Our Elm single armchair has an elegant design with a contemporary twist. Its sleek wooden legs go well with neutral and classic fabric finishes. If your décor is a combination of classic and modern, this is the ideal office reception chair for you.

Mondo single-seater

mondo single seater

If you want a full lounge suite in your reception area, the Mondo single-seater goes well with the Mondo double-seater sofa. They share the same design but you can get them upholstered in different fabrics.

Bilboa cross base

bilboa cross base

The Bilboa cross base is perfect for a creative office space. The modern design has enough retro style to make it a blank canvas. Use different finishes to design a work of art in your reception area.

Wave sleigh-based visitor’s chair

wave sleigh based visitors

The addition of stylish stackable chairs gives flexibility when it comes to reception seating options. The comfortable Wave sleigh-based visitor’s chair can be stacked and stored when not needed.

Modena side chair

modena side chair

The Modena side chair is also a stackable option that’s comfortable and good-looking. The mesh back is breathable, perfect for our warm climate, and the seat cushion fabric is customisable so you can choose complementary colours and finishes.

Other office furniture from K-Mark

We don’t only manufacture stylish office reception chairs. At K-Mark, we offer a wide range of ergonomic desk chairs, ottomans, booths, office dividers and screens, and fold away desks.

Our chairs are used by leading corporations across the country. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.