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Buying Second-Hand Office Chairs in South Africa?: 6 Reasons to Reconsider

Buying Second-Hand Office Chairs in South Africa?: 6 Reasons to Reconsider
December 19, 2022 gnuworld
second-hand office chairs in South Africa

It’s tempting to try to save money on office furniture. However, buying second-hand office chairs in South Africa may be a case of false economy.

In the long run, the potential disadvantages of a second-hand chair could far outweigh the initial savings – and leave you with a sore back.

Here are six disadvantages of used office chairs to consider before making a final “new or used” purchasing decision.

Limited lifespan of pre-used chairs

Without access to the history of an office chair, there’s no way of knowing how long it has been in use. This makes buying a second-hand chair something of a lottery.

For example, the chair may have been in for numerous repairs. It could even be at the point of mechanical failure. Quick re-upholstery and other touch-ups can hide underlying problems.

Notwithstanding actual defects, a pre-owned office chair will have a shorter lifespan than a new one. As a buyer, you may decide that this is acceptable – but it is something to factor in when comparing total costs.

Reduced comfort and functionality

Over time and with frequent use, office chairs lose structure and firmness.

The foam padding becomes soft and flattened. Seats may retain the imprint of the previous user. Height adjusters, swivel mechanisms and castors will work less effectively as they’re subject to wear and tear.

A second-hand chair is seldom as comfortable or ergonomic as a new chair – and it may fail to provide adequate support.

No manufacturer’s warranty

Pre-owned office chairs in South Africa seldom come with a warranty.

This is true even of chairs under five years of age, given that a manufacturer’s warranty cannot be transferred from the seller of a second-hand chair to a buyer.

Coordination challenges

Finding a coordinated set of matching office chairs on the second-hand market can be a challenge.

Even more of a challenge is finding a match if you need to replace just one of a set of second-hand chairs a year or two down the line. This can be an issue especially for company offices, where mixing different chair styles and sizes may create a shoddy impression.

(By contrast, companies that purchase new office chairs from K-Mark can re-order chairs with identical specs – including the same, custom upholstery fabric – whenever they’re needed in the future).

Hygiene issues

Upholstery and padding are porous materials. They absorb dirt, grime and fluids.

When you buy a pre-owned office chair, you are essentially buying soiled products.

Even with a professional steam clean, germs and odours remain embedded deep in chair’s structure – and that has to be a major turnoff!

Quality issues due to replaced components

Second-hand dealers often replace broken or worn components with other parts.

Replacement parts are seldom sourced from the original office chair manufacturer. Sometimes, they’re of poor quality.

Installing components that are not designed for a particular chair can impair its functionality and further reduce its life span.

Why buy new office chairs from K-Mark?

K-Mark is a leading manufacturer and supplier of office chairs in South Africa. All our chairs are manufactured locally, using high-quality materials. Each chair is covered by a comprehensive five-year warranty.

For our customers, an advantage of buying our locally manufactured office chairs is that we can customise the chairs to suit individual or corporate preferences.

For example, choose the upholstery fabric, chair base and arm design that you like best – or that suits your company’s branding.

At K-Mark, we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality office chairs – and our chairs are used in both home offices and the offices of leading corporates across the country.

Instead of buying second-hand office chairs in South Africa, opt for an office chair that will stay the distance! Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

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