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Booth Seating for Offices in South Africa: Our Customisable Range

Booth Seating for Offices in South Africa: Our Customisable Range
Jul 21, 2021 gnuworld
booth seating for offices

Modern workspaces require agile, adaptable seating solutions suitable for multiple applications.

K-Mark’s high-back Cosmos office booths and pods are designed to maximise space efficiencies, dampen ambient noise, and provide relaxed and intimate working environments.

What is booth seating?

Booth seating is essentially a snug standalone work area located within a larger space or open-plan office. It’s available in single and double configurations. A booth can be used individually or combined to create a unique layout.

Booths are customisable, comfortable and semi-enclosed. They can easily be moved around to fulfil multiple roles within the office, and up- or down-scaled to meet current business demands.

The modular component of booths enables seating for up to 10 or more people in a quiet, semi-private space that’s secluded from the greater work area.

Uses of booth seating

The high-back wraparound design of booth seating supports multiple uses within the office, from independent personal space to team-oriented “war rooms”.

Single booths can be used as quiet spaces for tasks requiring intense concentration. Larger configurations can be purpose-designed collaborative work areas that are ideal for brainstorming, confidential one-on-one chats or small, ad hoc meetings.

Booths are suitable for reception areas and breakout zones, where clients and employees can relax, chill out and socialise.

K-Mark’s range of fabric office booth seating

booth seating

K-Mark’s Cosmos booth seating is defined by clean lines and a stylish, contemporary design. An extended back and sides provide enhanced privacy and efficient acoustic insulation.

booth seating

Cosmos single office booths and Cosmos double booths are manufactured from premium quality memory foam to provide temperature-control support and optimised body fit.

booth seating

The units are upholstered to customer specifications using a wide range of fabrics that are available in various textures and colours.

Our booth pod: ideal for instant privacy

booth seating

The Cosmos booth pod is a self-contained, multi-person meeting pod. It’s designed for confidential and relaxed interactions. It can be customised to client requirements.

The office cubicle is partially enclosed to dampen interior and exterior acoustics. It offers face-to-face seating for up to four people. The entire pod is upholstered in a choice of fabrics to blend in with office aesthetics.

K-Mark advantages

When you buy K-Mark booth seating, quality is guaranteed. We offer:

  • customisable office booth seating solutions
  • five-year warranties
  • quality materials
  • a wide choice of upholstery fabrics
  • modern design
  • quality controlled production process.

At K-Mark, as well as booth seating for offices in South Africa, we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality office chairs – and our chairs are used by leading corporations across the country. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.