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Modern Chairs

Modern Chairs
August 6, 2013 gnuworld

Modern office furniture is designed to provide optimal support to the body in order to protect it from the physical stresses of sedentary office work. The latest designs feature sleek sophisticated lines, lightweight components and stimulating colours. Minimalist functionalism has replaced outdated utilitarianism and K-Mark’s selection of modern chairs speaks for itself.

As all K-Mark chairs are customisable, you’ll be able to choose the precise chair for your requirements and then dress it to the nines. There’s a wide selection of futuristic chairs that feature highbacks and midbacks in various materials and design styles. Browse the selection below to increase your comfort levels and transform your working environment.

Design Highlights

  • Adjustable features
  • Best quality components
  • Lightweight and functional
  • Manufactured to client specifications
  • Thick, flexible ergonomically sculpted polyurethane seating

Why Invest in K-Mark Modern Chairs?

  • Five year guarantee
  • Lean environmentally conscious production stream
  • Leather and fabric off cuts recycled wherever possible
  • Recyclable components, 50% of which are of local origin
  • Manufactured or assembled in South Africa, thereby creating jobs

Modern Chair Catalogue

Explore our range of creative contemporary office chairs featuring advanced ergonomic body architecture and comprising:

  • Dental Chair
  • Wing Net
  • Butterfly Chair
  • Integral Visitors Chair
  • Modena Stacking Chair
  • Genet Operator’s / Typist
  • Genet Midback
  • Genet Executive Highback
  • Genet Visitors
  • Genet Draughtsman
  • Maxkat Operator’s / Typist
  • Maxkat Midback
  • Maxkat Executive Highback
  • Maxkat Visitors
  • Genmax Operator’s / Typist
  • Genmax Midback
  • Genmax Executive Highback
  • Genmax Visitors
  • Net Operator’s / Typist
  • Net Midback
  • Net Executive Highback
  • Net Visitors
  • Vito Highback
  • Vito Operator’s / Typist