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The World’s Most Expensive Office Chairs

The World’s Most Expensive Office Chairs
Feb 7, 2017 gnuworld

With reliable office chair manufacturers like K-Mark, you can buy a high quality, ergonomic office chair for a reasonable price. Alternatively, you can spend over a million US dollars on a single chair!

For fun, we look at 10 of the most expensive office chairs in the world.

Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten $1.5 million


© image via Xten

The Xten is produced by an Italian car designer called Pininfarina – best known for designing Ferraris and Cadillacs. The chair’s exorbitant price (at current conversion rates, about R20.4 million) is partly due to its use of high-tech materials. It’s upholstered in Dynatec, a fabric previously used by Olympic athletes, and features a material called Technogel in its cushions. The Technogel makes the chair conform to the shape of the user’s body.

Wegner Swivel Chair $12500


© image via Jacksons

The Wegner Swivel Chair – designed by the Danish master of chair design, Hans J. Wegner, features a stainless-steel frame and a wooden top rail – a rare combination in Wegner’s designs. The chair was created with the assistance of Professor and Doctor of Medicine, Egill Snorrason, making this one of the most ergonomic office chairs around.

Vitra Skape Highback Chair $6825

The Vitra Skape Highback Chair includes a high back for neck support, integrated armrests and a polished, die-cast aluminium, five-star base. Made from 35% recycled material and up to 79% recyclable when dismantled, the Vitra Skape Highback Chair is also environmentally friendly.

Vitra Grand Executive Lowback Chair $4425


© image via Architonic

This Vitra chair combines the elegance of a lounge chair with the functionality of a modern office chair. Key features include high-quality leather upholstery with decorative seams and Vitra’s FlowMotion mechanism, which facilitates a dynamic range of movement by the user. Like the Vitra Skape Highback Chair, the Vitra Lowback contains around 35% recycled material, and is up to 80% recyclable when separated.

Arper Aston Executive Chair $3695


© image via CG Trader

The Aston Executive Chair is available in three heights – low-back, medium-back and high-back. All feature a modern, compact design with a durable steel frame, injection-moulded foam cushions and either fabric or leather upholstery. The chair is also fitted with a gas-operated height adjustment mechanism and a spring mechanism that provides tilt.

Ekornes Stressless Magic Office Chair $3445


© image via The Back Store

The manufacturer of this chair – Norwegian furniture company, Ekornes – claims that the Stressless Magic Office Chair is the most comfortable that the company has ever made. What sets this chair apart is the shaped seat and backrest, with foam and fibre pillows that conform to the shape of the body, to provide maximum support.

Eames Executive Work Chair $3319


© image via Living Edge

The Eames Executive Work Chair, also known as the Time-Life Chair, was first produced in 1960 for use in the Time-Life Building in Rockefeller Center in New York City. The chair is available in leather or fabric with finely-detailing, and features a stable 5-star base and a tilt-swivel mechanism for added comfort.

Humphrey British Industrial Swivel Chair $2796

Front and rear view of the Humphrey British Industrial Swivel Chair

© image via Kathy Kuo Home

This designer chair features a detailed antique leather cushion, making it perfect for those who want an old-fashioned-looking office chair with modern features. The antique cushion sits on a steel-cupped swivel base, held in place with detailed leather straps.

Spectrum West Work Chair $2650

Design house Spectrum Limited is well known for its chic furniture, most of which is cast from a single sheet of high-quality polycast acrylic. Part of the Spectrum West Collection, this stylish yet comfortable acrylic office chair features an adjustable height mechanism, swivel functionality and a five-star base with casters.

Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair $2559

This sleek office chair features an upholstered foam cushion for comfort, a five-star base with casters for mobility and tilt, swivel and height adjustment mechanisms for maximum customisation. The chair is made from 67% recycled materials, has a lightweight aluminium frame and is available with either leather or fabric upholstery.

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