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Office Chair Racing: Ready, Set, Roll

Office Chair Racing: Ready, Set, Roll
Oct 15, 2018 gnuworld
office chair racing

In cities from Hong Kong, Kyoto and Taipei to San Clemente in the United States, contestants are participating in a new form of sport – one that owes everything to office workers and their office chairs.

Office chair racing is fast, fun and decidedly whacky. Currently, fans are awaiting the next Isu-1 Grand Prix, World Championship Office Chair Race and Fourth of July Office Chair Downhill Derby.

Office chair dashes and endurance races: where did it all begin?

office chair race

Source: Avax News

The concept of racing office chairs originated in Kyoto, Japan in 2010. A bright spark marketer introduced the idea as a means of attracting local folk to a new shopping mall.

That was the humble beginning of the Isu-1 Grand Prix which, you may have guessed, is a combination of the Japanese word for chair, ‘isu’, and Formula One racing.

Since then, the concept, in various iterations, has leapt across borders, oceans and continents. Annual events are now held in the Far East, Europe and the United States.

Backwards, forwards… anything goes.

before the chair race

Source: Avax News

Some office chair races are straight forward dashes on city streets.

Others, like the World Office Chair Champs – last held in Olten, Switzerland – are contested on obstacle courses, where advanced driving skills and swerve-ability are key to survival.

In the Orient, drivers pump their legs to propel themselves backwards in the conventional sitting position. The aim is for a three-member team to accumulate as many laps as possible in a two-hour sprint.

In Europe, racers turn the chairs back-to-front and straddle their legs around the seat, using the backrest as a super-sized steering column.

In the United States, it’s a case of “anything goes” on the fabulous Fourth of July.

Gung-ho galloping to the Guinness Book of World Records

What started off as a gung-ho tribute to the versatility, flexibility and manoeuvrability of office chairs has emerged as a serious ‘sport’ that’s made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Daredevil, Andre Ortolf of Germany screeched into the record book by finishing a 100-metre office chair race in just 31.92 seconds. Not bad for an office chair!

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