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Need a New Chair for 2019? Office Chair Specials in Cape Town

Need a New Chair for 2019? Office Chair Specials in Cape Town
December 29, 2018 gnuworld
Office chair specials in Cape Town

A comfortable, ergonomically designed office chair may be the best gift you could give yourself (or someone else) for the coming year.

K-Mark office chair specials for 2019

K-Mark is offering a number of office chair specials in Cape Town only.

Operator chairs

In Cape Town, we’re currently offering our Mesh 150A Operator’s Chair for just R 1 575, excluding VAT.

mesh150A chair

Mesh 150A Operator’s Chair

Our operator chairs are suitable for long hours of use and have the following features:

  • adjustable backrests, designed to support the curve of the spine
  • adjustable seat depth and height
  • multiple position tilt lock control
  • sculptured seating and cushioning to help reduce pressure on the thighs
  • mesh fabric, for breathability
  • sturdy five-star base with castors, for smooth movement.

Classic midback chair

We offer two styles of midback chairs. They have contoured backrests, providing good lumbar support. Padded seating ensures extra comfort and rounded drop-down edges reduce pressure on the backs of the legs.

classic midback

Midback chair

Included in our office chair specials in Cape Town is our Classic Midback Chair, on offer for R1 925, excluding VAT. The chair has an ergonomic design, with adjustable height, tilt and tension, and offers smooth swivelling.

Modena chairs

Modena chairs are suitable for a wide range of purposes and environments. For example, they’re ideal for training sessions and as reception area or meeting room seating.

Stackable office chair on special

Modena stacking chair

Our Modena 4-legged chairs feature a chrome finish with jet-black trim, and contoured backrests and drop-down seat edges for optimal comfort.

They’re lightweight, stackable and elegant in design

In Cape Town only, our Modena stackable office chairs are on special for R995 each, excluding VAT.

How to choose a good office chair

Not all office chairs are created equal. To ensure you get a chair that will be comfortable and long-lasting, it’s worth answering these questions:

  • Is the chair’s design ergonomic?
    An ergonomic chair is designed so it can be adjusted to suit your height and shape, and so it provides optimal support for your body. It should include adjustable seat height, armrests and appropriate lumbar support.
  • Is the chair you’re considering fit for the intended purpose?
    Your chair should suit your work environment and job.If you work in a food, beauty or health-related environment, for example, you’ll need a chair that’s easy to keep clean. If you’ll be seated for long periods, proper back and arm support are vital.If you regularly turn to retrieve items or check multiple monitors, you’ll need a chair that swivels easily – and especially if you interact with clients or the public, you’ll want a chair that’s aesthetically appealing and blends with your existing office décor.
  • Is the supplier reputable?
    To ensure you get the most out of the chair, choose a well-established manufacturer with a name you recognise, and/or with well-known companies as clients.
  • Does the chair come with a good warranty?
    A reputable supplier will provide a good warranty on an office chair. Generally, a high-quality chair will be made from durable materials and come with a warranty of five years.
  • Is the chair being offered at a good price? Of course, price is a concern. Shop around for the best prices, but also bear in mind that paying too little for an inferior product can be costly in the long run.

At K-Mark, we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality, ergonomic office chairs – and our chairs are used by leading corporations across the country. Contact us for more information about our current office chair specials in Cape Town or to discuss your needs.