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How To Protect Wooden Floors from Office Chairs

How To Protect Wooden Floors from Office Chairs
May 22, 2020 gnuworld
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Certain types of wood and wood-laminate flooring can be susceptible to scratches or gouges from the wheels of office chairs.

If your office space has wooden floors, here’s how to avoid unsightly marks caused by office chairs.

Before you buy chairs

Before you make any purchase, check certain aspects of a chair’s design to ensure it won’t damage your floors.

Examine the castors on wheeled chairs

Are the castors on the chairs you want to buy high quality? Cheap castors can have sharp edges that damage wooden floors.

Look for rubber or plastic feet

For non-wheeled chairs such as boardroom chairs opt for designs that have protective rubber or plastic caps at the ends of the legs.

Preventative measures

If you have your office furniture already and you’re worried about marking the wooden floors in your new office, consider these options to prevent damage.

Use floor protectors

Floor protectors are durable plastic mats that cover the area behind the desk where the chair moves around. They come in a variety of colours.

Maintain your chairs

Check your chairs’ castors to see they haven’t developed any sharp edges. The more smoothly they run, the less likely they are to damage the floor.

Put down rugs

A rug might make the chair roll more slowly but it will prevent floor damage. Go for a thick rug or carpet that won’t bunch up and get entangled in the chair wheels.

Add felt pads to furniture feet

You can buy small felt pads in a variety of sizes to stick on the bottom of any chair or table legs that don’t have protective feet.

Keep your floors clean

Scratches can be caused by debris caught in the castors that creates marks when a chair is rolled. Vacuum floors and castors regularly.

Types of wood flooring

How susceptible your floors are to damage will depend on the wood. Some hardwood floors are more hardwearing but don’t assume they can’t be damaged by castors.

Wood-laminate flooring usually has a protective coating. The higher quality, the more durable it will be.

Sometimes, when you see scratches, it’s not the floor but the coating that’s damaged. This can usually be buffed out.

Custom office chairs from K-Mark

All our desk chairs use high-quality castors so there’s no risk of floors being gouged or scratched. Our other office seating options have protective plastic or rubber feet when necessary.

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