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14 Beautiful Home Offices: Inspiration for Improving Your WFH Experience

14 Beautiful Home Offices: Inspiration for Improving Your WFH Experience
June 12, 2020 gnuworld
work from home inspiration

We offer examples of beautiful home offices as inspiration for those currently working from home.

Most will agree that you need a dedicated space to be productive when you work from home. This can be a separate office or just a good desk and office chair combo.

Either way, a dedicated workspace aids concentration and is likely to make working more comfortable.

How your workspace looks also plays a role. Make your home office unique and appealing, and you’ll be happier there – and less likely to resent its presence in your home.

The Greenhouse

Plants can make all the difference to a workspace. Some plants are supposed to aid concentration by cleaning the air and providing oxygen.

home office greenhouse

Source: regardsetmaisons

The Art Gallery

Add your favourite art pieces to your workspace for inspiration or just for something to admire while you work.

home office art

Source: Domino

The View

If you have an amazing view, try to take advantage of it when you set up your home office. A view of nature or a bustling cityscape can be surprisingly inspiring while you work.

home office view

Source: Roberto Migotto

The Snug

Warm and cosy are the keywords here. If you favour comfort above all else, opt for a big comfy chair, rugs or carpets and a fireplace for the winter months.

comfortable home office

Source: Pinterest

The Quiet Space

If you need quiet to work, try to position your workspace in a separate room with a door. Alternatively, repurpose a large or walk-in closet.

quiet home office

Source: Janet Perry

The Colour Palette

Colours can affect your mood so the colour scheme you choose for your workspace is important. Choose a palette that soothes you.

colorful home office

Source: Hunker

The Perfect Lighting

Some people need bright light while others prefer a dark room when they work. Set your space up to suit your lighting comfort level.

home office lighting

Source: Lady Decluttered

The Library

Whether you just like being surrounded by books or need them nearby for research, nothing looks better in a home office than a large bookshelf.

home office library

Source: Emily A. Clark

The Tech Utopia

Conveniences like double screens, ergonomic keyboards and noise-cancelling headphones can make a huge difference to your work environment.

tech home office

Source: Pinterest

The Workout

To incorporate some physical activity into your workday with very little effort, consider a standing desk.

standing desk home office

Source: Huffpost

The Shed

A fully outdoor office might not be practical but a shed office in the garden is a great way to get away from distractions and noise.

home office shed

Source: Pinterest

The Minimalist

For some people, an organised and minimalist space is the way to go. With a clear desk and everything in its place, distractions are minimised.

minimalist home office

Source: Home Stratosphere

The Space Saver

Even if you’re short on space, you can still have a dedicated workspace. There’s a plethora of ideas online for making the most of the space you have.

space saving home office

Source: Scout & Nimble

The Studio

And if you do have space, why not make your office a multipurpose studio with large work surfaces, bookshelf, cubbyholes and storage spaces. A creative’s dream.

studio home office

Source: Lunda Gard

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